Bring tech to its climax

We respect the external libraries and tools. But when they fall short of expectations, we build our own tech tools to tackle tough problems in our rapidly changing and intensely competitive market.

Those tools power our family of apps and help us make more informed decisions. Take a look at some of the solutions we've developed so far.


Marketing Analytics Platform

To see the big picture of the marketing spend and actual or predicted revenue from each cohort of users, we build our own in-house marketing analytics platform: MarketingX.

It provides centralized dashboards with the most up-to-date data to help our growth team make more informed decisions while analyzing and optimizing ad campaigns.

But its most powerful ability is...

Making future revenue predictions so that we can estimate the long-term profitability of the campaign from day one.


Ultimate revenue maximization engine

RevenueX is the ultimate in-app purchase tracking and revenue maximization engine that we developed internally to power our family of apps.

We've created many success stories leveraging RevenueX. Now is time to launch the beta version of our first commercial B2B product to other publishers.


X-Ray Vision For The App Store.

Have you ever wondered how many times an app has been downloaded? Or how much revenue your favorite app generates?

Well, we did. That’s why we built a cutting-edge data science model to process data of millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play — from all countries on an hourly basis. We then convert that information into the number of daily downloads, revenue, and other key usage metrics using a statistical model developed by our data science team.

We call this powerful tool: XRay.

It helps us uncover key metrics of our competitors, let us see trends, and identify emerging app categories we can get into — XRay is one of our biggest competitive advantages in the industry.


Big Data holds the answers

Data is the most significant portion of the science behind our apps. Without big data analytics, we are blind and deaf. To improve our apps, we ask questions to our data in the form of sophisticated SQL queries.

When these SQL queries became so sophisticated, none of the existing tools we used helped us get relevant answers. So, we decided to create our own data analytics solution: Zeus.

All our apps send all their data directly to Zeus. And when our product and marketing teams have questions, Zeus always has the answers.