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We are passionately building and publishing apps that are used and loved all around the world. Below you'll find a few examples of the products that we build, invest & publish.


Turn your phone into an AI-powered assistant

Nova is the #1 cross-compatible AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT & GPT4. The advanced AI-powered technology understands your questions and generates human-like responses, making you feel like chatting with a knowledgeable friend.







Speech to text

Speak in any

Get instant

Someone is scaning document papers with her phone

Awesome appby Lu Kang

Nova is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, including administrative and customer support services, research and data analysis, and many others.

Awesome appby Ethan Clack

I found Nova to be highly efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable in providing helpful responses to any inquiries I had. Nova proved to be an intelligent assistant, ensuring that I received the best guidance.

Awesome appby cbntl87

I recently started using Nova, and I’m so impressed with its capabilities! This knowledgeable virtual assistant has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to managing my daily tasks and getting things done efficiently.

Awesome appby Marie Hawk

Nova is a remarkably impressive and efficient app that I would highly recommend to anyone needing a personal assistant. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, making it simple to manage your schedule.


Everything you need to know about plants is in your pocket.

PlantApp® identifies 100,000+ plants every day with 95% accuracy-better than most human experts. Plus, with its disease identification feature, you can diagnose any plant problem and get treatment suggestions.







Identify any

Diagnose Plant Illness

Set care reminders

Awesome appby upseviali

Absolutely love this app to help take care of my plants, some plants I struggled with but this app has been correct so far, all my garden is blooming 🌺🌸🌱🌷

Awesome appby ntrankletedusea

I’ve always had houseplants but recently have taken an interest in how to care for them best. This app is fantastic - love the video how-to’s & helpful hints & tips. So much info. Love it & look forward to seeing my houseplants thrive! 🌸

Awesome appby curepaultroc

I love the fact that I can know how and when to care for my plants! I love that they have have really great user experience, and are constantly adding new features. My favourite is the reminder to water and fertilize my plants, all according to each plant's individual needs

Awesome appby liockho

At first glance, I thought I made a mistake buying this app. But once I went deeper into it, it is excellent. It has all kinds of pictures and discriptions of plants and problems etc.. you can search by plant or disease issues etc.. good job!


Turn your thoughts into amazing AI artwork

​​Transform your words and images into stunning AI art and avatar with DaVinci art generator in seconds! DaVinci innovative technology uses the power of AI to turn your ideas into high-quality unique digital art, based on your own words.







Turn your words into artwork

Unleash your creativity

Awesome appby Ava Miller

mind-blowing! DaVinci has become my go-to app for creating stunning visuals. the AI-powered features are incredible and make the process so effortless. it is user-friendly and the results are always impressive.

Awesome appby Noah Taylor

A game-changer for visual content. I can effortlessly bring my ideas to life, thanks to the apps intuitive interface and powerful AI algorithms. highly recommended.

Awesome appby Sophia Clark

DaVinci is pure magic! I'm amazed at how this app can turn my simple sketches into professional-grade visuals. The AI technology understands my style and enhances it, resulting in breathtaking artwork.

Awesome appby Liam Wilson

DaVinci is a hidden gem! I stumbled upon this app while searching for a tool to create visuals and it has exceeded all my expectations. It helps me create unique and eye-catching visuals that grab attention. DaVinci has become an indispensable part of my creative toolkit!


AI Photo Quality Enhancer

PhotoApp is the fastest and most powerful AI photo enhancer app.

You can enhance your old, pixelated, blurry or damaged photos into high-definition ones with just a single tap with the latest technology!







Before and after view of photo enhancer feature
Before and after view of photo colorize feature

Awesome appby ntulescryper

I had a picture that I took the other day, and I wanted to make it better quality… it was blurry- BUT this app has made that photo 1000 times better! My eyes seriously look like crystals! Great app, will be using it for all my blurry or bad quality photos. 😄

Awesome appby waylkyheloide99

This app blows my mind every time! If you need to enhance your photo, you’re at the right address!

Awesome appby kampalowo

I have a picture that I tried to clear up with PhotoApp and it turned out crystal clear. And I'm talking about a picture from 1933.

Awesome appby inalmonsalealaus

Colorizing old photos of my family made me realize my grandma’s beauty, this is so appealing

FastVPN is working on phone, tablet and laptop


Unlimited Privacy and Security

FastVPN is the safest, most private, and most secure VPN in the App Store. Unlike our competitors, we do not collect, store or sell your data. The privacy of our users is of utmost importance and our commitment to protecting their data is unrivaled.







Fastest VPN Servers

Trusted around the world

Utmost Privacy

A really great working vpn app!by rozannewilmer

I have been using it for about 4 months without any problems. No issues faced & it’s really fast 👍

5 star app, great!by kristine9982

I had to download this application due to the ban in my country. I am really glad. It’s really good at speed. I can access any content with it.

The Best 🤩by meghanua_12

Perfect app, perfect speed, perfect support. Love it.

10/10 ✅by thevpnfreak

Using many VPN apps for a while. Really happy with the service compared to other apps. Thanks FastVPN team!


Make your photos sing

Choose a photo, pick a song, and make it dance! The result? Videos that are hilarious, bizarre, fun, and ready to go viral. No dancing lessons are required.

Mimic is the world's best AI-powered photo animating app that turns pictures into fun videos.







Lip Sync
Your Favourite Songs

Awesome appby omeashuraquis13

This is the best and most fun app ever. Has a large variety of song selection. Recommend it for everyone. Works best on baby photos haha 😂

Awesome appby ganenthert

Really awesome, lots of fun, very funny, it's a winner and highly recommended

Awesome appby emciage

OMG i LOVE this app! The result videos are so funny and there are literally bunch of songs to try. You should also try them. Ready to be amused! 5 stars!!!

Awesome appby deohambrequac

Recommended to all my friends and having so much fun together. Whatsapp groups are full of these Mimic videos. And here is the incredible part: it is completely free ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Turn your phone into a powerful scanner

Say goodbye to the old, ugly scanner machine! Now you can carry a mobile scanner in your pocket — enjoy an advanced scanning experience along with many other features.







to PDF

documents on the go

Someone is scaning document papers with her phone

Great productby scannerqueen

I love this app! It’s so convenient and easy to use. The scans are clear and the features are great.

Effective and efficientby mobilemadness

💯 recommend this app for small business owners. I can scan and save receipts on the go. So convenient.

Clean UIby documentsaved

I’ve tried several mobile scanner apps, but this one is the best. The UI is clean and the scans are great. Highly recommend.

Easy to useby scannernerd

I was hesitant to try a mobile scanner app, but I’m glad I did. It’s easy to use and has great features. I would recommend it.


15-minute audio books.

Listen, and read a wide range of books designed to help you think and learn about your self-growth path and gain insight into only 15-minutes book summaries on the go.

  • Listen to the audible version on the go.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your goals.
  • Beautifully designed settings for comfortable reading.
  • Increase your memory and analytical thinking abilities.









Listen &

Awesome appby Ethan Devis

Wiser has completely transformed the way I consume knowledge. With its vast collection of book summaries, I can explore various topics like productivity, business, health.

Awesome appby Olivia Brown

A gateway to endless wisdom! Wiser has become my go-to app for quick yet powerful learning. The book summaries are concise and packed with valuable insights.

Awesome appby Emily Johnson

Wiser is a time-saving treasure trove. Wiser’s book summaries have been a lifesaver. In just 15 minutes, I can absorb the key takeaways from renowned books on various subjects.

Awesome appby Alex Smith

Discover the power of knowledge with Wiser! This app has opened up a world of insights for me. I love how it covers a wide range of topics, from personal development to finance and beyond.

AI-Powered Photo Generator

Momo is the revolutionary AI Photo Generator app with the most advanced AI technology.

Dive into the ultimate app designed for creating trendy and astonishing AI headshots that show your personality.

Momo AI Photo Generator contains cutting-edge AI technology to train your AI profile, simplifying the process of image creation. Immerse yourself in a visual transformation where the precision of AI Photo converges with the inspiration of AI Art, turning average images into captivating headshots that show your personality.

AI-Powered Photo Editor

Style Variety Discover

Features of MOMO mobile app


The ultimate one-tap photo editing solution

This AI-powered app combines 150+ photo editing features and makes them easily accessible with a simple and user-friendly interface, adopting a one-tap functionality.

Retouch is designed for anyone who wants to professionally polish their photos without spending hours editing them.







Awesome appby Mary J.

Finally, a photo editing app that delivers on its promises! Retouch is a dream come true for amateur photographers like me. The one-tap functionality is a game-changer.

Awesome appby Emma L.

I can’t imagine my photo editing routine without Retouch now. This app is a lifesaver! The simplicity of the interface combined with the extensive range of editing features is a winning combination.

Awesome appby Max P.

The app’s wide range of editing features, from skin smoothing to teeth whitening, make my photos look flawless effortlessly. I can’t believe how much time and effort I’ve saved thanks to this app.

Awesome appby Emily Y.

Retouch is a revelation! I’ve tried countless photo editing apps, but none have come close to the level of convenience and quality that this app offers. The one-tap functionality is a stroke of genius.

İyi yaşa.

Have a happier and healthier life

İyi Yaşa is an online wellness platform that offers a wide range of content from the most trusted and experienced fitness, yoga, meditation, awareness, and nutrition trainers in Turkey!

Space Colony

Idle Tap Miner

Train astronauts, construct colonies, set up a logistics system, and research new technologies to mine precious metals on 16 different planets by building the greatest space colony in the universe.

Art lovers will be impressed by the astonishing 3D graphics in harmony with the beautiful UI that has been designed, aiming to become the best of its kind.

And So Many More