Even though we are only moving from the 25th floor to the 41st floor, the whole workplace will embrace a new look and feel that is designed by Erginoğlu & Çalışlar, an architecture firm that previously worked with some notable tech companies in Turkey such as Trendyol, Turkcell, Yemeksepeti, and Sahibinden.com.

Reimagining the future of office spaces

By the time we were planning to build a new office, the pandemic hit the world. And it changed the work culture forever. The world has become more flexible, and remote work proved its effectiveness in some ways.

We believe the right solution should combine the efficiency of Zoom with the meaningful human connection that happens when people come together.

When we were planning our new office, our primary focus was to create an open office environment to reinforce collaboration and creativity while significantly improving the health, wellness, and productivity of employees who choose to work from the office.

A flexible and humane Design

The new office redesign focuses on what makes HubX unique—its work, culture, and values—and tailors the space to match.

By mixing a variety of furniture and floor plans, Erginoğlu & Çalışlar has created workspaces that might resemble a living room, a kitchen counter, or even a neighborhood cafe. These more casual spaces have also been critical culture-building tools by giving colleagues a place to form connections outside of their work.

XPresso - Our in-house health bar and coffee shop

XPresso - Our in-house health bar and coffee shop

XPresso - Our in-house health bar and coffee shop

To create a friendlier atmosphere in the office, we opened a coffee shop within our walls, Xpresso. The cafe is inspired by Starbucks, and there are more than 30 coffee and tea items on the menu. We did not forget those who are into a healthy lifestyle: You can also find green smoothies and delicacies at Xpresso any time you want. 

Improving employee well-being with massage therapy

Our industry requires critical thinking and an efficient and fast-paced work ethic. However, for us, our people always come first.

In the new office, we created a massage room with two massage chairs for our colleagues so they can cool off between high-tempo work sessions and clear their minds.

Additionally, every month, we offer in-office massage therapy sessions from professionals free of charge.

Working desk groups

Working desk groups

Collaborative workstations

The working desk groups were designed to serve our hub structure and studio culture. Instead of two or four single workstations, U desks were placed to improve collaboration and communication between five and more colleagues. 

Working areas are positioned on the core side in order to increase concentration. While circulation is located between workstations in classical offices, circulation in this office is designed to enhance productivity and engagement.

The resulting office is one with a dynamic set of spaces that supports the team of HubX at every step of the innovation and building process. 

A portion of open working space

A portion of open working space

Bringing nature into the workspace

It's not just nice to have; it's imperative to bring nature into the workplace to make our colleagues happier and healthier. In our new office, we wanted to create an environment where people can cohabit the space with nature. 

Lights that mimic the sun are installed throughout the office to support employees' circadian health. And to increase morale, creativity, and productivity, we introduced natural greenery around every part of the workspace.

Privacy and silence to increase productivity

To reduce noise and create a more productive work environment, the office walls are insulated with the most soundproof materials.

We also created three skype rooms and two conference rooms to promote privacy and extra silence when needed.

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