DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

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About the job

At HubX we build mobile apps, used and loved by millions all around the world.

We have a track record of building and growing mobile apps on various verticals that reached over 100 million users across 6 continents and 160 countries.

We are looking for a talented “DevOps Engineer” to join our energetic and highly motivated team.

As a talented “DevOps Engineer” you’d probably land an interview with many companies if you wanted to, so why choose us?

We offer you an opportunity to make a huge impact in the lives of millions of users through our products, and even the mobile app industry at large in the next years to come.

Some of the challenges you will face are

    • Managing traffic coming from all over the world by introducing system infrastructure that is globally available, highly scalable
    • Working with AI Based applications which requires different types of workloads with all kinds of GPU’s
    • Maintaining several Kubernetes clusters across different regions
    • Automating our deployment cycles to be as seamless as possible

    Some of your responsibilities

    • Working with development teams of independent studios to create our DevOps infrastructure and introduce best practices.
    • Running, maintaining, and monitoring multiple Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud.
    • Supporting engineering teams with different Google Cloud services for their needs and workflows.
    • Optimizing the operational costs.

    What you'll bring

    • Experience working with a productionized Kubernetes cluster & automating the Continuous Deployment Pipelines.
    • Experience in maintaining platform services like function runtimes and managed supplementary services for event driven execution.
    • Centralized logging and monitoring background for applications on Kubernetes platform
    • Declarative application and infra resource management.
    • Good amount of understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, GCP and CI/CD principles.
    • Self-motivated and proactive, ability to spot the missing pieces in our systems, fill in or improve the existing state.

    What we look for

      • 3+ years of on hands experience in managing apps on Kubernetes,
      • Familiarity with AI Based Applicaiton practices and their needs on Cloud environment,
      • Understanding of microservice environments and its requirements,
      • System development using devops principles and skills.

      The perks and benefits of working with us

      We would like you to focus on what you do best, we take care of the rest.

      • Huge impact: Your work can significantly impact our millions of users, and even the mobile app industry at large in the next years to come.
      • A competitive compensation package: Our total compensation package is very comprehensive; covering your cost of commuting for our headquarter as well as providing you with a meal card.
      • A unique and top-notch office: Our well-designed office is in the tallest building in Izmir. Every day, you can enjoy the sunset over The Gulf of Izmir without leaving your deck.
      • Our HQ Location: You can come to our office or work wherever you want. If you choose the on-site option, keep in mind that it’s still fine to sometimes work remotely.
      • Unlimited coffee & green smoothies from XPresso: We’ve built our own café inside our office so you can grab your coffee from XPresso and start your day off on the right foot.
      • Opportunity to take responsibility from day one: No one will micromanage you. Together with your team, you’ll be free to choose a direction, test, fail, and test the next idea.
      • Continuous education:The more you want to improve your knowledge, the more we support you!
      • Strong company culture: Our approach is always open communication & teamwork
      • Private Medical Insurance: We go above and beyond for your health
      • Gym Reimbursement: We support annual gym membership because we want you to be in tip-top shape psychically and mentally.
      • A brand new Macbook

      Great Place to Work,

      The company culture we're trying to cultivate by utilizing the harmony of meaningful work and productivity has awarded us as "One the best places to work in Turkey". Please welcome our first: "GPTW Certificate!

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